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Caring For CURIO

Our products are knitted for longevity, using fibres with both superior material integrity and sumptuous feel. The materials we work with are those which, by considered design, only require infrequent laundering to ensure they experience a long life.

  • Drape outside every now and then to allow the breeze to refresh the fibres.

  • Hand wash in cold water using a gentle (preferably organic) liquid wool detergent.

  • Avoid using fabric softeners and other laundering products that may alter the colour of your CURIO.

  • Dry flat in shade. Do not wring out. To remove excess water, roll in a towel and gently press before flat drying, ensuring the drying surface is clean and smooth.

When laundering a CURIO Cushion, follow these product care guidelines for the knitted cover only after removing the insert.

Please be advised mechanical dryers may alter the shape and size of your product and we discourage their use. CURIO Practice is not liable for refund of your product if its shape and/or size is altered due to washing & drying methods other than as instructed.