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New Blanket, our first throw size

To wonder why

Drawing inspiration from the quote "placing people within the painting rather than in front of it," our new Cafe Aubette Blanket pays homage to a pivotal moment in design history. This name comes from Cafe Aubette 1928, a groundbreaking building that first combined architecture with abstract art—a truly significant innovation.

sustainability and craftsmanship

From the beginning

The journey to less waste will not be a short one, and we may not always get it right, but we are here trying—making the best decisions we can today for a better tomorrow. At Curio Practice, sustainability and craftsmanship are at the heart of what we do. Every piece is made to order with care, ensuring minimal waste and exceptional quality.
We only select 100% renewable, regenerative fibers that remain useful. Our smart processes use less water, less energy, and no chemicals, because the best way to clean up our planet is to do things right from the beginning.

OUR JUMPERS comes out of THE knitting machine in 1 piece.


Proudly made with deadstock cotton and Australian Merino, our 3D seamless knit jumper is not the normal jumper —it's innovative and sustainable.
Include a brief quote from a brand that loves your products
Include a brief quote from a brand that loves your products